Our offer of cotton fabrics with Ökotex Certificate, out of which we produce our cotton products, has just been enlarged by organic cotton fabrics with GOTS certificate in 150, 220 and 310 g/m2 and by 150 g/m2 recycled cotton fabric, 100% cotton, with Global Recycled Standard Certificate (GRS).

Below you can find short characteristic of all certificates which our cotton fabrics possess.

Certificates which our cotton fabrics possess:

Oeko- Tex Standard 100 is a certificate which certifies the quality of textile products which have direct contact with human skin. Oekotex organization certifies products on which examination has been conducted in order to verify presence of 100 most dangerous substances which endanger users.
Due to the examinations conducted in the laboratories all around the world certified products are free from the substances which might have negative influence on the humans’ health such as (for instance formaldehydes, pesticides or substances that may cause allergies).
GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard is the world’s leading standard for certifying textile products. The GOTS certificate covers all stages of production of products made of natural fabrics (from raw material to finished product). It also takes into account social and environmental issues.
The GOTS certificate proves that the fabric is organic. Fibers used to produce our fabrics according to: GOTS standard products are natural and the crops are grown using ecological methods, based on relevant international guidelines.
Additionally, products should not contain any materials produced using GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).
It is worth knowing that in the GOTS standard, appropriate water management plays an important role. Producers are obliged to use treatment plants and closed water circulation. This is especially important in the case of fabrics such as cotton, which are wet spun.
Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary standard that sets requirements for the certification of recycled fibers. The aim of the GRS program is to increase the use of recycled materials while caring for the environment, social conditions, and controlling the chemicals used that are safe for humans and the environment.
GRS certification is intended for products that contain at least 20% recycled material (50% is required to mark the logo).